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Huizinga Enterprises, Inc., Commercial Electrician Full Services

A Commercial Electrician contractor you can rely on is essential for any business! Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. (HEI) is an established Chicagoland company with more than years of experience. For new construction, electrical upgrades, preventative maintenance that saves money and much more – make us your source for professional solutions to all your commercial electrical needs.

HEI – Commercial Electrician – Full Range of Electrical Solutions

Commercial-electrical projects can typically require more expertise than standard electrical repairs. Furthermore, the quality of electrical work can have a straightforward impact on not just the aesthetics of your business or commercial property, but also its general function. Here’s a look at just some of the Commercial Electrician solutions we can provide:

  • Complete design and implementation of electrical systems for your business – from restaurants and retailers to large office complexes, shopping centers or industrial plants, we have the experience and the efficiency to meet your electrical needs and goals every step of the way on your next commercial construction project.
  • Conduct power quality testing and consulting services.
  • Perform interior wiring and rewiring services.
  • Fitting and retrofitting for switches and outlets.
  • We can perform surge protection, backup generator repair and generator installation.
  • Installation and maintenance for your voice and data wiring.
  • New build outs and rough-ins.
  • Conduct machine and equipment wiring and installation.
  • Installation of new lighting and lighting upgrades.
  • Security lighting and new exterior lighting systems.
  • Lighting repair and maintenance for parking lots.
  • Electrical solutions for motor controls.
  • Installation or maintenance of fire alarms and security cameras to keep your commercial location secure and free of hazards.
  • Installation and wiring of sound systems.
  • Electrical construction and preventative maintenance for cell phone towers.

An Experienced Commercial Electrician Team

Our electricians stay informed on our industry’s leading information, equipment and technology as part of our enduring commitment to safety and great results for our clients. We stay “in the know” about what kind of electrical upgrades can assist your business – whether you’re a retailer, a restaurant owner, property manager, industrial facility operator, or builder. One of our main goals for every project is always to complete our work the right way the first time while eliminating all safety hazards and the headaches of additional delays.

To safeguard your commercial entity and to comply with industry guidelines, we always secure the appropriate permits and complete the right inspections and approvals necessary for your location and for your industry. As part of HEI’s dedication to excellent client services, we provide you with thorough information and affordable rates so you can determine the most effective strategy for your business.

Diagnosis, Repairs and Maintenance

Regardless of the kind of electric equipment your commercial site utilizes, you can depend upon Huizinga Enterprises for solutions to even the most challenging electrical problems.

Service Upgrades And Installation

Steer clear of potential safety hazards or damage to valuable equipment with professional installation of new upgraded versions or replacement of existing electrical equipment. For some businesses, the service panels that house the circuit breakers acting as the center of the electric service have often been in place for many years and may be insufficient for current needs. Naturally, many contemporary business have different types of machines and devices than they did a few years ago.

Power requirements change with time and some commercial service panel at older facilities might not be in compliance with current codes. At Huizinga Enterprises our Commercial Electrician team can perform quality upgrades and corrections for service panels. Our services feature reliable work with little downtime and interruption to your site – we understand how important it is for businesses to sustain their day-to-day operations.

Commercial Electrician Improvements

From standard outlet installations to lighting and total restorations with a concentration on energy efficiency, Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. can help your business attain the right setting for success.

Commercial Electrical Security and Safety

Given that the security and safety of your workforce and customers is top priority, our experienced Commercial Electrician team can assist you in addressing all of your safety and security matters with the installation of technology like motion detectors, security lighting and backup generators. A preventative maintenance agreement with us is also a very effective way to maintain the lighting and technology that keeps your commercial site secure.

Commercial building managers, whether in an office setting, a warehouse, or apartment and condo complexes, rely on security lighting for inside and outside to improve the security of their facilities. Security lighting is also valued by commercial or residential tenants who frequently use parking lots, entrances, exits, hallways and common areas.

Wide Selection Of Excellent Security Lighting

Huizinga Enterprises provides a wide selection of excellent security lighting services to building owners and managers, starting with the design phase of lighting systems that will fulfill the security requirements of the facility. We focus on the cost of operating security systems and install those that not only provide adequate light coverage for optimum security, but that also utilizes contemporary light fixtures and bulbs that are energy efficient. Our Commercial Electrician will work with architects, planners and even your insurance company to develop a security lighting system ideal for your commercial location. We have experience with both new construction or in retrofitting existing locations with lighting designs that secure the premises. After our professional Commercial Electrician installs the system for optimal cost-savings, our quality preventative maintenance will keep it operational for the long term!

Entrance and Exit Signs

As mentioned above, we can service and install entrance and exit lighting that keeps your building secure. Commercial codes generally require building operators to visibly display lighted exit signs and to provide entry and exit (also known as egress) lighting. Of course, these lights and signs have to be connected to batteries and backup power so they continue to function in the event of a power outage. With our experienced team handling your entry and exit lighting and signage, you can be sure each one will be code compliant and reliable!

Commercial Specialized Lighting

Customized lighting is a great way to set the stage for success! Lighting that is tailor-made for your business adds ambiance, improves convenience and can boost energy savings too. At Huizinga Enterprises we present a selection of specialized lighting solutions to match your requirements.

Energy Savings and Audits

Don’t allow escalating energy bills to become a drain to your company’s earnings. Find out about the many ways we can help you save energy and costs – call us today at 888-505-3147 and schedule a free energy audit with Huizinga Enterprises.

Stay Updated and Prevent Problems with System Maintenance by a Commercial Electrician

Is the commercial electrical system at your retail store, office, restaurant, industrial plant or medical facility in compliance with all the most recent updates to electrical codes? As changes and new codes are added it can be a challenge to stay current. We have the Commercial Electrician expertise to keep your location safe and up to date with electrical codes!

Don’t allow your business to be at risk or less efficient than it could be – contact Huizinga Enterprises Electricians today – our Commercial Electrician staff members are prepared with the equipment and know-how to solve your electrical issues promptly. Reach us today at (630) 216-5794.

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